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Specialized in supplements and natural products, Énergie PLP offers

quality products to clients and patients of therapists and health professionals in Canada.

In 2013, we started offering the dispensary service by phone and email. We then

decided to go ahead and invest massively to maximize the experience of professionals with Energie PLP.

After several years of working on the business model,

we have identified 3 SIMPLE, ENGAGING and EFFECTIVE solutions that allow all health professionals

and therapists in Canada to increase their revenues and retain their clients.

Discover our 3 solutions

Order your supplements, vitamins and natural products in one place for better inventory management.

Refer your clients to Energie PLP's website and receive a 20% rebate on all their orders!

Offer therapists the possibility to have their transactional website customized with their brand image.

Our commitment
to you

This is our commitment to you. For over 15 years, Energie PLP has been providing a positive and rewarding
customer experience. We pride ourselves on building successful relationships with our customers based on an understanding of their needs and unwavering trust.

As a partner standing by your side, Energie PLP upholds his engagement to put customers at the heart of its concerns. It doesn't matter if you've visited the website once or are a repeat customer; we want you to be completely satisfied with the service you receive at every contact point. We are committed to providing you with the best possible services, reliable and efficient solutions, local expertise and guidance to enhance your project and knowledge.

We learn together. We grow together.
We look forward to continuing this journey, together.


Energie PLP is more than just a courteous and professional service. Discover the advantages of working with Énergie PLP:


Multiple professional
product lines in


Out-of-stock management
and option to
out-of-stock products


No minimum
order required


Fast delivery
(24h to 72h)


Tracking number
on all packages sent


Access to multiple
health kits


Various payment methods
available (credit/debit card
and Interac transfer)


Advice, online training
& webinars


Complete monthly reports
(number of transactions, total value
of sales, number of customers,
commission amount, etc.)

and much more!


Visionnez la vidéo pour en savoir plus

I am a naturopath and a personal trainer. In my opinion, everyone needs the best possible quality of supplements. For that reason, I was recommended Énergie PLP, who works with several lines of supplements. What really attracted me to Énergie PLP is that I can easily get all types of supplements in one place. It has made my life so much easier because I only have to work with one middleman. This way, my work schedule is much lighter. Managing a business, customers, employees, and inventory can quickly become very demanding. We can lose the business overview and the inputs and outputs. Énergie PLP has done me a favor by centralizing everything. Plus, they are a very open-minded and generous team, always ready to help. Since I have a busy schedule, their help make my job easier. For therapists looking for continuous improvement, they offer various webinars and trainings that allow you to constantly improve your practice to better serve your clients. Each professional has their own promo code, which I especially like about Énergie PLP. I deal with them via Facebook or email. It is possible to order on Instagram, Facebook, by phone, email or directly on the website. Feel free to contact the team, they are all there to help you. I am a self-employed naturopath. I discovered Énergie PLP at the beginning of the pandemic. As I started doing more virtual consultation, making supplement recommendations for neutraceutical protocols became more and more complicated. Finding the supplement was the main problem. My clients had to order from different websites and had to pay several shipping fees. As for me, I had to constantly review my recommendations to try to find more accessible supplements. When I found out that Énergie PLP had all the professional lines and an openness to add new products into their store, I was able to centralize all my recommendations in one place: Now, whenever I have a virtual consultation, I can make recommendations with the products OF MY CHOICE, rather than offer product alternatives. My clients can now order everything on one website and pay the shipping fees once.

Anthony Borsellino

Client / Naturopath & Personal Trainer

Je suis naturopathe à mon compte. J’ai découvert Énergie PLP au début de la pandémie. Quand j’ai commencé à faire plus de vidéoconférences, je voyais mes clients à distance. C’est alors que faire mes recommandations de suppléments pour les protocoles neutraceutiques est devenu de plus en plus compliqué. Trouver le supplément était le problème principal. Mes clients devaient utiliser plusieurs sites internet différents, ce qui signifiait de payer plusieurs frais de transport. Quant à moi, je devais constamment revoir mes recommandations pour essayer de leur trouver un supplément plus accessible. Quand j’ai découvert qu’Énergie PLP avait toutes les gammes professionnelles et une ouverture d’esprit pour intégrer de nouveaux produits à sa boutique, j’ai pu centraliser toutes mes recommandations à un seul endroit : Maintenant, dès que j’ai une consultation client virtuelle, je suis capable de faire mes recommandations avec les produits DE MON CHOIX, plutôt que de proposer des alternatives au produit. Ils trouvent donc tout sur unseul site et payent une seule fois les frais de transport.

Émilie Riendeau

Client / Naturopath

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