Energie PLP Health Kits

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Weight Management Kit

Do you want to regain control of your weight? Do you feel like everyone is looking at you when you walk into a room, or do you just not feel...

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Adult Sleep Kit

Do you lack peaceful and restful sleep? Do you have the impression that you are not yourself anymore, that your mood fluctuates without reason? Is your mental load at its...

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Detox kit

Do you wish you had the famousRESETbuttonon your body? You feel tired, irritable, you would like to regain your energy and immunity? Would you like to lose a few pounds...

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Thighs and Buttocks Firming Kit

Are you having trouble losing weight in your buttocks, thighs and hips? This KIT allows you to better eliminate the excess and "bad" estrogens responsible for water and fat retention...

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